Program Overview

The Korean Flagship Program is for highly motivated undergraduate students to achieve a professional level of proficiency in Korean language and culture by graduation while at the same time meeting earning a degree in the field of their choice.

To help students to meet that goal, the program includes accelerated and intensive Korean language study at UW-Madison and overseas. Motivated and hard-working students with no prior knowledge of Korean can complete the program in 4-5 years.

At UW-Madison


Foundational Coursework

Korean Flagship students must complete the following foundational courses or the equivalent, during the academic year or summer, at UW-Madison or overseas. Students with a background in Korean are placed in the appropriate course in the sequence, based on their current level of proficiency:

1. EA 105-106: First Year Korean, 4 credits each
2. EA 345-346: Second Year Korean, 4 credits each (pending approval, to be offered as an intensive summer course beginning in Summer 2019)
3. EA 347-348: Third Year Korean, 3 credits each
4. EA 405-506: Fourth Year Korean, 3 credits each
*Note: These course numbers will change in Fall 2019.

Advanced Coursework

Students then complete the following required coursework:

1. *Topics in Korean Language: Korean for Professionals, 3 credits
2. *Topics in Korean Language: Korean for Academic Purposes, 3 credits
3. *Advanced Topics in Korean Culture and Society, 3 credits
4. *Korean Across the Curriculum Tutorial, 1 credit

*New courses, pending approval


Students meet with a Korean Flagship advisor at least once each semester to review their progress and to discuss plans for the upcoming semester and year.


Korean Flagship students participate in ongoing assessments of their developing proficiency in Korean. The results of these assessments help to focus individualized practice in tutoring and let students know if they are on track to meet their proficiency goals.


During the academic year, students meet with individual and small group tutors for 1-3 classroom hours (50 minutes) per week, depending on their current level in Korean.

Korean Language Clinic

Korean Flagship students who would like informal language practice or who have specific questions can drop into the Korean Language Clinic, held each day during the semester. (Spring 2019 hours TBD).

Extracurricular Activities

Korean Flagship students participate in a diverse program of extra- and co-curricular events and activities that provide opportunities for language practice and culture learning outside of the classroom. Information about events in Spring 2019 will be posted at the beginning of the Spring semester.


Korean Flagship students are eligible to apply for merit-based Language Flagship Scholarships to defray the cost of participating in intensive summer and overseas study, as well as other scholarships such as the Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship and – for students interested in government service the Boren Scholarship.


Summer Study Abroad

Students may complete the equivalent of one academic year of Korean language study by enrolling in the intensive Korean language and culture summer programs at either Korea University or Yonsei University. Programs pending UW-Madison approval.

Korean Flagship Capstone Overseas Program

The culmination of the Korean Flagship is the overseas capstone program, located at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea and administered by the University of Hawai’i. The program includes intensive, professional language training and a professional internship. The overseas capstone is for Korean Flagship students who have reached ACTFL Advanced/ILR 2 proficiency; the proficiency goal of the capstone is ACTFL Superior/ILR 3. Program pending UW-Madison approval.