Study Abroad

Korean Flagship Overseas Capstone Program

The 11-month Korean Flagship Capstone Overseas Program at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea is the culminating experience of the Korean Flagship Program.

UW-Madison Korean Flagship students in good standing are eligible to apply to participate in this prestigious program for students who have reached at least ACTFL Advanced (ILR 2) proficiency in Korean language in speaking, listening and reading. The goal of the capstone overseas program is for students to reach a professional level of competence: ACTFL Superior (ILR 3) proficiency.

The program includes:

  • Advanced Korean language and culture courses designed to meet the learning goals of Korean Flagship students
  • Direct enrollment in courses, taught in Korean,  in the student’s academic area of interest
  • A professional internship
  • Tutoring
  • Cultural and extra-curricular programming

The Korean Flagship Capstone Overseas Program is administered in the Korean Language Center at Korea University and locally by the University of Hawai’i.

More information about this program is coming soon. The Korean Flagship Capstone Overseas Program  is pending UW-Madison approval.

Summer Study Abroad

Before participating in the Korean Flagship Capstone Overseas Flagship, students may complete the equivalent of one academic year of Korean language study by enrolling in the intensive Korean language and culture summer programs at either Korea University or Yonsei University.