Study Abroad

Korean Flagship students are encouraged to participate in an intensive overseas Korean language summer program at the secondary level or above prior to admission to the Korean Overseas Flagship capstone year abroad. Students will receive the equivalent of one academic year of Korean language study credit by enrolling in the intensive Korean language and culture summer programs at either Korea University or Yonsei University.

The programs, approved by UW-Madison’s International Academic Programs, are designed to maximize linguistic immersion in Korean, with an emphasis on the development of practical speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Korean Flagship students are eligible to utilize a portion of their Language Flagship Scholarship(LINK) to offset the costs of both programs.

The Korean Flagship Capstone Overseas Program at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea is an 11-month study abroad program that provides students with intensive, individualized language training and professional development.

Students will also have the opportunity to direct enroll in courses on an audit or for-credit basis.

The program includes:

  • Advanced Korean language courses and individualized tutoring designed to meet the learning goals of Korean Flagship students
  • Direct enrollment in courses, taught in Korean, in the student’s academic area of interest on an audit or for-credit basis.
  • A professional internship
  • Cultural and extra-curricular programming

Korean Flagship students at UW-Madison must apply for admission to the Korean Flagship Overseas Capstone Program. Applications are usually due in mid-January for the following academic year. Students must plan far in advance to apply for the program and to meet Korean proficiency and pre-capstone study abroad eligibility requirements.